Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Made in Log Home Building

A Log Home seems to be a dream house for many people. Building it takes a lot of worthwhile effort but once it is made it becomes a priced possession for the owner. However these Log Homes require a lot of care during construction and even after finishing the entire setup.

Here are top 5 Biggest Mistakes made in Log Home Building:

1. The quality of logs purchased for the construction of the log homes matters the most.
The logs should be dry and should be kept so. The moisture content of 20% is generally said to be on the greener side. The ideal moisture content is around 12% to 15%. Very low moisture content raises the issue of settling hence the biggest mistake while making the log home would be not to choose the right type of logs which have lesser or more moisture content. The material should be purchased from a reputed company which ensures the high quality of logs.

2. Another major mistake would be the lapse in designing the log homes.
A proper log home should have long roof overhangs which should be designed in order to keep the water off the logs. The logs should not be open to water sprinklers which hit water directly to the walls of logs. The designing of the log homes should be prudent and should consider certain pointers like the first logs should be above the ground level by at least two feet. The grades should be pointing away from the house. The design should be such that the log homes are prevented from the effects of sunshine and water.

3. Permits should be taken beforehand if you plan to construct a log home.
Sometimes the owner gets a notice midway through the construction of the log home that the building of log homes is not permissible at that place. Hence they have to relocate the whole house. So, first and foremost it is essential to take the permission of responsible authorities to construct the log homes at the site chosen.

4. Another mistake people generally make is that they do not protect their homes after construction.
The log cabins should be protected by proper sealants and coated with certain essential requirements. The log homes should be protected from excess sunshine, moisture, termites and so on. Several reagents are available specially to protect the log homes from all the possible mites and moisture. Chose the best one and treat the log home before shifting in.

5. Last but not the least people often construct the log homes ignoring the budget.
Sometimes it becomes overboard specially when they thing of going for the DIY method. Hence, whenever you plan to start building your own log home is sure to account every expense in the budget and go for the most suitable type of log home based on the budget you have.

Go ahead and build the log home of your dreams but before that do read the above mistakes which are quite common and try to avoid them.